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Our most recent praise came in the form of a Christmas gift recommendation. Karolyn Fournier of Colour Paradise Greenhouses writes, "I've never been a glove wearing gardener, but at a trade show in Chicago last year I found
an amazing pair..."

These quotes are from a survey that the Pallina did in conjunction with LiquiCell. We surveyed 14 master gardeners and a 10-person landscaping team. Each person used the Pallina gloves with LiquiCell for 10 days and 10 days using other gloves without LiquiCell The following are some of the comments that we got back from participants in the survey:

I used 10 prs of gloves for my garden crew. When I called the gloves in no one wanted to give them back! Need I say more. - Kenna N. Garden Grace

I got them wet several times and they held up well... I'd recommend them... - Barbara H.

I like how durable the gloves are - easily laundered - they still look good! - Jeri M.

I didn't realize how much of a difference the LiquiCell feature made until I started using the ones without it. What a huge difference! - Jan T.

While I was spading and using the mower it was as if I was wearing nothing. I didn't think the difference would be so dramatic. - Anonymous

I used the gloves for bailing hay (500 bails) and the finger section was worn but they still kept my hands extremely comfortable. Hand digging - excellent quality! - Sarah I.

1. Design of fabric over the finger tips is genius! That's where other gloves wear first.
2. I have a pair of gloves (leather) designed for arthritic hands. At first I thought the LiquiCell was in the place but my pain has actually lessened in these - compared with the arthritis gloves...
3. Had some mud work. They washed really well. Without LiquiCell it felt like my bones were crunching together and some mild arthritis, but I've never been so uncomfortable!
Judy J.

The LiquiCell in the glove made a noticeable difference - almost like a cooling effect. It seems to eliminate the "hot spots" when gardening with purpose. Very nice - the LiquiCell really makes a huge difference!!! - Diana K.

Overall liked weight and flexibility. The LiquiCell did not get in the way. Kept these gloves on my hands longer than usual. Mary D.

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