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The Pallina 100% Organic Cotton Apron
Made from 100% Organic Cotton, The Pallina Hemp Apron is grown without pesticides or herbicides.. The Pallina Apron is antimicrobial, exceptionally cool, breathable and UV resistant.
  • Boar hide for added durability
  • Tool loop
  • Leathern lined shear pocket for long lasting durability
  • Riveted stress points to prevent pull outs
  • Adjustable neck
  • split front for comfort
  • 7 pockets for:
    • glasses
    • garden journal
    • cell phone
    • pen
    • shears
    • 2 large general access pockets
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100% Organic Cotton Apron
Price: $40.00
Style number: 61952HP
Sizes: One size fits all
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